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Illuminating LNG Petronas at LNG 2023 Trade Show

At Everbright Media, we're always excited to be a part of events that light up the stage and leave a lasting impression. In July 2023, we had the privilege of partnering with LNG Petronas, a giant in the energy sector and the national petroleum company of Indonesia, for the LNG 2023 Trade Show in Vancouver.

But first, let's talk about LNG Petronas. They are a true titan in the industry, and their reputation precedes them. As the largest and most prominent national petroleum company in Indonesia, their presence at the LNG 2023 event was highly anticipated. And what better way to showcase their innovations and commitment to the energy sector than through an impressive LED screen?

A Bigger Picture on a Big Screen

The challenge was clear: how do you captivate a trade show audience and present an expansive view of a company's achievements and offerings? Everbright Media came to the rescue, providing LNG Petronas with a 3.5m x 2m large LED screen, the perfect canvas to portray their mission, vision, and the remarkable work they do.

The Everbright Difference

Our pride at Everbright Media lies in delivering top-quality LED screens that promise exceptional visual experiences. It's not just about having a large screen; it's about having the right screen—one that's clear, vibrant, and immersive.

In this case, the LED screen we provided to LNG Petronas showcased their company with unmatched precision and brilliance. The result? An advertising effect at the trade show that was second to none.

Why Choose Everbright Media?

Our commitment to excellence doesn't end with supplying top-notch LED screens. We understand that the success of an event is intertwined with the quality of the equipment used. Everbright Media, with years of experience in the industry, ensures that every LED screen we provide is a testament to our dedication to creating unforgettable experiences.

As the curtains fell on the LNG 2023 Trade Show in Vancouver, we left with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that our LED screen had shone a spotlight on the exceptional work of LNG Petronas. It was a remarkable partnership, and we look forward to many more opportunities to illuminate the extraordinary achievements of companies and organizations around the world.

For more information about our LED screen rentals and how we can elevate your next event, contact Everbright Media today. We're here to turn your vision into a stunning reality, just like we did for LNG Petronas at the LNG 2023 Trade Show.


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