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Our new P2.9 LED panels

The P2.9 high refresh rate LED panels

P2.9 LED Signage that delivers truly captivating content in any indoor environment.

  • Supreme, smart image quality performance even under low brightness

  • Real-time content delivery with low frame latency for any live event

  • Rotation support to effortlessly create customized designs for any layout

Our new P2.9 LED panels provides the ultimate solution for any type of corporate or entertainment event. Easy installation and maintenance, high durability and the ability to support various installation types, the P2.9 is a reliable and efficient solution for any indoor environment.

Our LED screens enable the delivery of real-time content with reduced frame latency, critical for live concerts and events. Free rotation of the display also helps to effortlessly creat customized designs while ensuring content is played regardless of the layout, no matter how unique.

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